Who we are

Tecnospare is the tool for the online sale of Tecnotrasmissioni Due Srl, a company representative and distribution of materials for the operation of industrial automation for over 25 years. The distribution includes dozens of brands in exclusive representation and warehouse with a lot of products in the catalog in the delivery pornta. The headquarters is in Prato commercial, warehouse and logistics is a Lecore Signa (FI).

Tecnotrasmissioni Due Srl
Via Guarducci, 8 - 59100 Prato

tel. 0574 595985 ra
Fax 0574 582749
Sito web:  www.tecnodue.it
E-Mail:   info@tecnodue.it


VAT 01502170978


REA PO-404421

Soc.Cap € 10.329,14 int. vers.

Tecnotrasmissioni Due Srl Logistic Headquarters

Via Bardazzi Ruggero, 23 / E
Loc. Lecore - Signa
50058 - Firenze
tel. 055 87 34 597
Fax 055 87 34 582 
E-Mail:   info@tecnoduei.it