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Control Techniques

Control Techniques is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of drives for the control of electric motors. Its strategy is focused on delivering drives and servo products designed to increase the productivity of machines and processes of its customers. From simple stand-alone drives to complex multi-drive applications, the philosophy of Control Techniques is focused on providing customers with solutions that truly make a difference in terms of machines and processes.

Control Techniques operates through a global network of Drive and Application Centre, which provides the distribution of products, the integration of its solutions and customized systems to offer the highest levels of customer service.

The network of Drive Centres also allows you to Control Techniques to gain valuable information and knowledge of the market that allow the continuous improvement of products and services.

We believe that our strategy will enable us to continue to grow profitably.

The competitiveness of Control Techniques derives from the fact of being exclusively focused on the drive, from the extensive research and development, ones amongst huge investments in low-cost production and the effective marketing strategy worldwide.

The basis of success is the concentration at the center of Newtown in Mid Wales , with more than 100 specialists, including many top-notch engineers worldwide, dedicated to the design activities of AC and DC drives and servo designed to virtually all processes of industrial production.

Part of Emerson, Control Techniques has the opportunity to tap into a huge and varied body of knowledge as motors, drives, automation and process controls.

A planning process that incorporates technological and industrial and optimizes synergy Products, Technology, Procurement and Manufacturing.
A new procedure allows the development of products to bring to market the right product at the right time.
Special procedures allow you to share the wealth of knowledge and experience of the group to ensure reliable operation and ease of use.
All the software product is written and controlled in accordance with our protocol software development.

Fully integrated CAD design for mechanical and electrical systems.

A full range of simulation tools, including analysis of the power circuits and control and thermal flow.
Test facilities are fully equipped , including thermal cameras "walk in" , thermal imaging cameras, data logging systems, simulators of the distortions of power, and much more ...
Complete facilities for the loading tests, the fractions of kW to higher powers, with voltages up to 690 V.
Benches in line for continuous testing, where mass production is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The network of Drive Centres provides return to the technicians of the headquarters valuable information that helps them keep abreast of Control Techniques drives in the market. With the shortening of the life cycle of the products and the rapid technological development, the ability to focus the design of the drive in a controlled environment to respond to new advances in technology is a key factor.


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