Motor Power Company
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Motor Power Company

Motor Power Company's approach to the market to our customers, by way of our know-how and experience is simple: we identify a need and implement a solution. Our long-term investments in the study of motion have created a deep well of knowledge in all aspects of motion technology. We combine this with an approach to our people, our engineers and designers, that rewards creativity, intellectual growth and continuing investment in knowledge. The result is an innate ability to come up with original ideas that distinguishes Motor Power Company and allows the design and final performance of our products to stand out in the market.

We make all long-term entrepreneurial decisions by focusing on the technological growth of Motor Power Company, and of the people who together make the company what it is. This long view approach to all stakeholders, from staff to suppliers to customers, creates relationships that grow over time and lead to real-world tangible benefits. Our belief in the principle of mutual growth remains the cornerstone on which we create value and build for the future.

Our strength comes from empathy, skill and innovation. This combination of hard and soft, of technology, industrial handling and relationships, enables us to help the customer be innovative in the way that is best suited to the customer's own needs.

We have identified three specialized segments of industrial handling—material handling, material processing, testing & measurement—and created an approach that applies our technical skills in mechanical engineering, electromechanics, electronics and mechatronics to each segment and to their integration. The synergy between these disciplines and our experience in bringing them together seamlessly enables us to offer solutions that are both more specific and more integrated.

Our standard product range highlights reliability, performance and quality features. From this core technology, which remains the foundation of our business, we create personalized solutions and application-specific devices, usually by working side by side with the customer—these are genuine collaborations that bring in each party's expertise to create practical, highly innovative solutions.